Chikenfeed was founded on the idea of providing a way for people to earn real money. This is a very simple and easy way for people with no money to make money just by promoting Chikenfeed as a good and reliable source of shopping as our products come from big and reputable companies. Chikenfeed only accepts PayPal as to provide our customers with peace of mind with every transaction. PayPal insures the customers of up to $25000. For us the safety of our customers are paramount so we neither send junk emails or newsletters unless and until specifically subscribed.

Concept of   Shop with a Profit Formula” TM

Each customer account has a unique individual referral link which by, they refer new customers. Each and every referral link navigates potential customers to

Where by the successful completion of an account is then linked to the referrer’s account. Then every time this new customer account makes a successful purchase, a percentage of the payments made for each and every purchase is forwarded to the referrers account.

Percentage of profits for referrers is 5% of each purchase of the referred customer. This percentage will be deducted from the profit chikenfeed makes on goods sold.

Profit percentage will not be awarded for the items that are returned and/or refunded.

Each customer of will easily see their referral link in the referral section of their account, once they login into their respective accounts area.

If and only if a referrer’s customer account is closed the % from the referred linked to that respective referrer will be voided.

If an account with monies is closed prior to extracting the sum then the sum of monies in that respective account will be forfeited to

If an account with is not in use for more than a year, that respective account will be closed.

Example of “Shop with a Profit Formula”:

(John) has an account with

John then tells (Sally) about an incredible website he has been shopping with.

Sally asks “what’s the website”? And John gives Sally his referral link example: (

Sally is excited and types the link in her browser which leads her to the home page of

Sally makes an account with and starts shopping.

Every time Sally buys something, 5% of her expenditures is received by John which is seen by John in the referral accounts section of his account.

Sally then passes her referral link to her two friends and Sally receives income of 5% from the shopping that her two friends do on

John on the other hand makes no profit from Sally’s friends as they are only linked to Sally’s account.

If John then passed his referral link on his social media site and his friends click on it, make an account and shops then he will earn profits every time they shop on

Please remember that these monies you will be receiving is simply a gift from Chikenfeed.

Notice: If a purchase is returned, the shop with a profit formula, Earnings for that purchase will not be earned.


This document provides general information only and may be subject to change at any time without notice. makes no representation or warranty with respect to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this information. To the extent permitted by law, Chikenfeed and its employees, officers and contractors shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in any way, including by way of negligence, from or in connection with any information provided or omitted, or from anyone acting or refraining to act in reliance on this information. The information in this document is not a substitute for any relevant operating rules, and in the event of any inconsistency between this document and the operating rules, the operating rules prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.